In 1998 Löylymäki was invited to two European exhibitions. Intermodellbau'98 in Dortmund, Germany in spring 1998 was a success for the layout, as Löylymäki won the first prize from 30 exhibited layouts. The visitors elected Löylymäki as the most beautiful layout in the exhibition. In autumn 1998 Löylymäki visited Eurospoor 98 in Utrecht, Netherlands. Löylymäki received very good feedback from the visitors due to the fact that practically everything was scratch built. With both exhibitions it was the first time ever a Finnish layout visited these countries.

In 1993 Löylymäki was the first Finnish layout ever to travel outside Finland. In Easter 1993 Löylymäki was on display in IMREX, London, UK. Since then the layout has been extended with a large portion of Finnish landscape scene. The latest international visit was in the Köln (Cologne) exhibition in Germany. The exhibiton was held at 9th to 12th November 2000. In Köln Löylymäki won the second price in the visitors election of the best layout.

Löylymäki is permanently exhibited in the toy museum Leikkilinna at Espoo's WeeGee House.